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Ten Easy Book Marketing Ideas for New Authors


1. Get a website for your book/s are very inexpensive and they have fantastic one-on-one customer service. You can get a domain name and hosting at the same place.


2. Get a Twitter account.

Daily, post one catchy line from your book.


3. Get a personal Facebook Account and a Facebook Business page.

Keep the business content relevant to your book/s.

On the personal Facebook page, let people know who you are as a person as well. Show some of yourself.

Get Facebook Business Page Here

Get Facebook Personal Page Here


4. Get free business cards with your website and contact information.

People keep them, and a visual reminder of you and your book is a good thing.

They also offer all kinds of inexpensive promotional materials like T-Shirts (with your book image), stickers, postcards, flyers, etc.


5. Get an Author Central page at

Here you can upload your biography, list of books, a promotional video of your book, or one of your talking about your book.

You can sign up for an author central page here:


6. Get Reviews. Bad and good.

When you are done with all of the above (and contribute to each daily), you can start seeking reviews. They carry a lot of weight when it comes to acquiring sales. Both bad and good reviews are necessary. They make you seem real.

Here is the Indie Review for starters. I will post a separate page with an extensive list of reviewers:


7. Make a video promoting your book.

To make a video for your book you can use the free Windows MovieMaker.

You can download it here:


8. Get a YouTube/Google Account.

Upload the movie you have made and post constructive, relevant comments to other book videos. This will draw traffic to your own promotional book video.

Get a YouTube Account here:

YouTube and Google are now affiliated so you will see a Google logo as well.


9. Give reviews.

Read books that are similar to yours and give sincere and well-written reviews on In each review you are permitted to insert a product link (that of your book).

 Sign up for an Amazon Account here:


10. Participate in reading forums.

Google for specific reading discussion forums and participate. Do not go there and talk about your book unless someone asks. You must be sincere in your participation. Your book link will be an afterthought in each of your entries.





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