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Important Publishing Resources: ISBN, Legal Deposit, Cataloguing


Here are some useful publishing resources for authors and publishers.


For publishers and authors around the world:

Free First Book Proof

Sign up to (print on demand company with worldwide free distribution) and get your first book proof FREE. No Purchase required.


Publishing Resources for Canada:


To acquire an ISBN (ISBNs are still free in Canada) Be patient. The staff are extremely nice but do thorough research before contacting you, so you will have to wait a few days to a week.


Cataloguing in Publication data for your book. Publications need to have a print run of at least 100 copies in order to be eligible for the CIP Program.


Invaluable information for Canadian publishers:


To acquire copyright certificates, trademarks, registrations etc.:

Canadian lntellectual Properties Office


Information on Legal Deposit:


Publishing Resources for the US:


Here you can acquire library cataloguing information for the US and apply for CIP, LCCN, and PCCN:
The Library of Congress


ISBNs for the United States can be acquired here. This is where you can also find SAN and Barcode information:


You can acquire official copyright certificates and information here:
US Copyright Office

Useful information on the International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) system:
International ISBN Agency


Publishing Resources for the UK:


Here you can acquire an ISBN for your book:

Nielson UK ISBN Agency


Here you can acquire official copyright for your book:

Intellectual Property Office


Here you will find information on legal deposit for print books in the UK:

British Legal Deposit


Here you can acquire information on the UK's Cataloguing-in-Publication Programme:

The British National Bibliography


These are two great Print On Demand websites:


Kindle Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing


EPUB Publishing


Kindle for PC

Download kindle for PC here