Custom-Book-Tique - Book Formatting and Layout Services

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1. Smashwords Formatting-Layout of book interior:  This includes Smashwords specific copyright information, dedication, title page, ISBN, acknowledgments page, chapters, “About the Author” and/or “Other Books By” page.


2. Type of file you receive:  Smashwords approved  Word .doc file ready-to-upload to Smashwords.


3. Editing: We will correct up to 5 typographical or spelling errors if we happen to see them while formatting.(Thorough editing can be requested for a separate fee.)


Books with straight text -No lists or multiple subheadings (fiction)


Books with images, lists, charts, bullet points, (Up to 25 images and/or Charts)


Books with images, lists, charts, bullet points, (Up to 50 images and/or Charts)


Children's picture books






Smashwords books must have their own unique ISBN. You can get one from Bowkers or get a free one from Smashwords. We can do this for you as part of the upload service.

Please submit a final, edited manuscript for ebook formatting. Textual and image changes after formatting begins will require a new service to be purchased.

No refunds after work or correspondence regarding book begins.

Please submit publication-ready cover.


Thank you and we look forward to working with you.